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The cheeks occupy the largest area on our face. The problems arising in this region, the signs of aging should be analyzed well and the most appropriate treatments should be chosen for the solution. When the correct treatments are planned, the results can be obtained very quickly, while misevaluations (usually due to delayed treatment options) lead to unhappy patients and high-cost treatments.


Cheeks are one of the regions that need the supportive tissue most. The supportive fat of many different depths in this region decreases over time or displaces depending on gravity. Completion of missing areas and reduction of excessiveness or undesired excess is possible with non-surgical “medical aesthetic” procedures. In order to complete the missing areas of different depths and regions, the required region is determined and the most appropriate FILLER is selected and while planning the treatment, THERMISMOOTH, THERMILIFT, MESOTHERAPY procedures can be chosen in regions with undesired volume.

From collagen activation procedures, SCULPTRA and FIBROCELL will be useful to restore the volume by increasing the skin thickness without disturbing the patient’s face shape. In addition, CHEMICAL PEELING, HYDRAFACIAL, MESOLIFT and SALMON DNA procedures will increase the skin moisture of the region and contribute positively to the volume increase due to both skin healing and water retention.

Discolorations and Dark Spots

Dark spots are very common especially on the forehead, since it is one of the areas exposed to direct sunlight. In the treatment of dark spots, it is possible to reduce get rid of spots with HYDRAFACIAL, CHEMICAL PEELING, MICRO PEELING, IPL, PRP, PICOSIL, ICON procedures. Also, LED LIGHT THERAPY and OXYGENEO are some of the methods that can be used for the patient to have  clear skin and to enhance treatment.

Acne – Acne Scars and Scars

In addition to drug therapies, CHEMICAL PEELING, LED LIGHT THERAPY, GOLD FREQUENCY, IPL procedures can be performed in active acne treatments. MESOLIFT is necessary for excessively oily but dry skins. When acne scars and trauma-related scars in this area are desired to be treated, a treatment plan can be determined by using either one or combinations of ICON, PICOSIL, MICRO PEELING, GOLD FREQUENCY, D.A.S., LED LIGHT THERAPY and FILLER procedures.


Sometimes, one of the cheeks may be congenitally or later be elevated and dropped (after dental problems and traumas), or their shapes may be different. This problem can be treated with BOTOX, FILLER and NOTOX and permanent make-up.

Open Pores


Redness and Capillary Problems

This problem that may arise due to various causes can be solved by finding out the cause. The problem can be solved using ICON, CHEMICAL PEELING, MESOLIFT, IPL, PRP, MESOTHERAPY, GOLD FREQUENCY and HYDRAFACIAL in the treatment.

Loose and Sagging Cheeks

Loose and sagging cheeks are one of the most important problems. In the treatment, either one or combinations of ENDOLIFT, ICON, FIBROCELL, ULTHERAPY, GOLD FREQUENCY, SCULPTRA and THERMISMOOTH treatments most suitable for the individual can be used.

This problem is also related to the treatments of regaining FACIAL OVAL.