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About Me

  • He was graduated from Istanbul University, Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty in 1996. He has been in London and America for educational purposes. He completed MBA programs in Business Management and Organization and master programs in Business Administration and Executive Development in Faculty of Economics and Administration. He served as a product manager in the pharmaceutical industry.


  • Huseyin Tirman, MD, who specialized in the fields of healthcare and aesthetics, has been working as a medical aesthetic physician since 2004. Dr. Tirman, who adopts a course of action meeting his patients with “Non-Surgical Rejuvenating Technologies”, also provides training in the field of medical aesthetics for the companies and employees in this sector with his educator identity. In the field of non-surgical rejuvenation technologies, he keeps himself up to date on developments and technologies and administesr them in his polyclinic. He is one of the first physicians who used Non-Surgical Rejuvenation Technologies on patients.


  • Since 2004, he has been serving his patients as a physician and as a manager in his clinic in İstanbul with “individual-specific programs”. The aim of these programs is to provide best results with high quality products, latest technology, and professional services by evaluating current problems of the patients admitted to the outpatient clinic and preparing the treatments required specifically by each patient. The programs prepared by Dr.Tirman structurally and functionally optimize the region and provide action of and provide long-term permanent solutions while solving the problems of the patient as well as taking protective measures.


  • By asking the question of “What brings you to us”, Dr. Tirman begins to serve his patients by getting to know them. This communication established is completed with the return of the patients to their home safe and sound and cheerfully.


  • As a medical aesthetic physician emphasizes that “There is no miracle method or procedure, there are specific solutions to the needs and losses of the person. “