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Temporal Side


The major problem in the temporal side is the depression that occurs over time. Depths caused by reduced subcutaneous tissue and excessive movement of this region show the patient older than normal. In such a case, the patient can regain his/her appearance with SCULPTRA and FILLER procedures.


Since forehead wrinkles are caused by the excessive strengthening of the muscles at a young age, they can be treated with BOTOX. Non-dynamic, that is, wrinkles that are not related to movement will require FILLER procedures in addition to BOTOX.

Due to the increased motions of the eyebrows, the eyebrows may get loose in the later ages. These wrinkles cannot be treated with BOTOX, on the contrary, they either increase after the administration of BOTOX or give the patient a more tired looking by pushing the eyelids down and causing difficulty in opening the eyes at increased doses. In such cases, the problem can be solved with ICON, ULTHERAPY, D.A.S., GOLD FREQUENCY, SALMON DNA, THERMISMOOTH and HYDRAFACIAL in order to tighten the skin of the region.

Dark Spots

Dark spots are very common especially on the forehead, since it is one of the areas exposed to direct sunlight. ICON, CHEMICAL PEELING, IPL, PICOSIL, SALMON DNA and, HYDRAFACIAL procedures will provide solutions to correct discolorations and achieve clear skin. LED LIGHT THERAPY and OXYGENEO are useful during both treatment and protection periods.