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We talk to someone by looking into their eyes. From this point of view, one of the most important problems around the eyes is deformed eyelids.

Droopy Eyelid

In droopy eyelid problems, either one or combinations of ICON, PICOSIL, ULTHERAPY, GOLD FREQUENCY, D.A.S, FIBROCELL, PRP, THERMISMOOTH and HYDRAFACIAL is the solution for patients who do not want to undergo surgery or who fear the complications of surgery.


Depressed eyelids due to genetic factors or aging and more prominent eye sockets show the patient older and angry. With FILLER, it is possible to make the gaze of the patient younger and dynamic.

Oil Bumps

White or dark oil bumps formed due to various reasons in this region are also undesired. It is possible to provide sebum balancing in oily skins with HYDRAFACIAL. In benign nevi and this kind of problems of this region, D.A.S. treatment produces rapid and satisfactory results.


The darkness and discolorations of the eyelids can also be eliminated using CHEMICAL PEELING, PICOSIL and HYDRAFACIAL treatments.