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Under the eye

Under-eye bags

It is important to try to treat under-eye bags caused by several reasons in a cause-oriented manner. In order to reduce the volume of bags in this region, it may possible to reduce and eliminate the problem by selecting one or few of ENDOLIFT, PICOSIL, ULTHERAPY, GOLD FREQUENCY, D.A.S., PRP, FIBROCELL and THERMISMOOTH procedures.

Under Eye Wrinkles

A cause-oriented treatment should be selected by evaluating the wrinkles. In some patients, only BOTOX or NOTOX may be sufficient, while sometimes ICON, PICOSIL, FILLER, ULTHERAPY, GOLD FREQUENCY, D.A.S., FIBROCELL, PICOSIL, THERMISMOOTH and HYDRAFACIAL may be required.



Depressed under-eye area due to genetic factors or aging and more prominent eye sockets show the patient older and angry. With FILLER, it is possible to make the gaze of the patient younger and vivacious.

Oil Bumps and Nevi

White or dark oil bumps formed due to various reasons in this region are also undesired. It is possible to provide sebum balancing in oily skins with HYDRAFACIAL. In benign nevi and this kind of problems of this region, D.A.S. treatment produces rapid and satisfactory results.


Dark circles under the eyes and discolorations on the eyelids may also be reduced or eliminated with region-specific CHEMICAL PEELING, PRP, MESOTHERAPY, FILLER and ICON, PICOSIL, HYDRAFACIAL treatments.

This region should be considered with the treatment of problems related to the cheeks since it is directly adjacent to the CHEEKS.