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The problems in this region show up as separate problems for women and men.


Small Breasts

Although adding volume to small breasts with filler to obtain fuller breasts was one of the practices carried out non-surgically in the past, this practice has been abandoned since it causes problems in cancer screenings in advanced ages. The best solution in this respect is the surgically implanted prostheses.

Large Breasts

Although it is possible to obtain a reduction to some extent with rare injections, again, the most radical solution will be surgery.

Sagging Breasts

Without damaging the breast tissue, the skin on the top of the breast can be minimally treated using methods for loose and sagging breasts, such as ULTHERAPY, FIBROCELL, SCULPTRA, and MESOTHERAPY. Again, the breasts can be radically treated with surgical methods.

Improvement of Breast Skin

While treating the breasts considering loose and sagging with the same methods, it is possible to improve the skin looking bad because of sagging by adding MESOLIFT and MESOTHERAPY procedures to the treatment.

Stretch Marks on the Breast  

Although not completely reduced, stretch marks forming during adolescence or pregnancy with the rapid growth of breasts can be treated with methods such as ICON, GOLD FREQUENCY, CHEMICAL PEELING, CARBOXYTHERAPY, and D.A.S.

Unwanted Tattoos

It is possible to quickly and safely remove unwanted tattoos in any color in this area with PICOSIL.


Large Breasts

In general, the condition of grown breast tissue or adipose tissue can be non-surgically treated with procedures such as THERMILIFT, CARBOXYTHERAPY, and MESOTHERAPY in patients who do not prefer surgery.