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Hand Dorsum

Hand dorsum is also one of the areas most affected by the signs of aging. Like the face, neck and décolleté regions, it is very much in front of the eyes.

Because the hand dorsum is very mobile and exposed to physical damages a lot, such as sun and washing, it loses its support tissue rapidly, thus loose and wrinkled skin problems arise very commonly. These problems, in contrast to other regions, only respond to injection treatments such as SCULPTRA, FILLER, MESOLIFT and MESOTHERAPY.



Discoloration and Dark Spots

Like CHEEKS and FOREHEAD, hand dorsum is one of the areas where discolorations, aging and sun spots most commonly arise. With CHEMICAL PEELING, IPL, ICON, PICOSIL treatments, it is possible to get rid of or reduce spots. LED LIGHT THERAPY is one of the methods that can be used to have a solid-colored skin and to enhance the treatment.


Unwanted Tattoos

It is possible to quickly and safely remove unwanted tattoos in any color in this area with PICOSIL.