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Loose and Sagging Skin

Loose and sagging skin leading to folds on the knees is one of the most important problems. In the treatment, either one or combinations of SCULPSURE, ULTHERAPY, THERMILIFT treatments most appropriate for the individual can be used. In addition, RADIOFREQUENCY and CFK procedures will also support the treatment to improve skin quality and strengthen circulation with massage effect

Regional Fat Deposit 

In women, regional fat deposit under the skin, especially in the inner parts of the knees, may look bad. It can be eliminated with THERMILIFTMESOTHERAPYCARBOXYTHERAPY  and CAVITATION treatments by reducing.


Congenital or developmental hollow appearance under the knees make legs look like a bow.  In these patients, the problem can be treated cosmetically with the FILLER prepared for the body.

Stretch Marks

Although not completely reduced, stretch marks forming during adolescence or due to rapid growth of the region can be treated with methods such as ICON, GOLD FREQUENCY, CHEMICAL PEELING, CARBOXYTHERAPY and D.A.S.