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Like FOREHEAD and CHEEKS, this region is one of the areas exposed to sunlight and photoaging most. Since the subcutaneous support tissue is weak, circulatory and nutritional problems show up rather commonly in this region.

Discoloration and Dark Spots

Since décolletage is one of the areas exposed to sunlight most, discolorations and dark spots occur very commonly in this region. With CHEMICAL PEELING, IPL, PRP, ICON, PICOSIL (PICOSURE) and HYDRAFACIAL, it is possible to get rid of dark spots and discolorations. OXYGENEO and LED LIGHT therapiesare some of the methods that can be used for the patient to have clear skin and to enhance the treatment.

Redness and Capillary Problems

This problem that may arise due to various causes can be solved by finding out the cause. The problem can be solved using CHEMICAL PEELING, MESOLIFT, IPL, PRP, ICON, PICOSIL (PICOSURE) and HYDRAFACIAL, and GOLD FREQUENCY in the treatment.

Sags and Wrinkles

Wrinkled sagging skin is one of the most important problems in the decollete area. In contrast to general opinion, wrinkles in this region do not respond to BOTOX administrations since they are not caused by muscles. In the treatment, either one or combinations of ICON, FIBROCELL, ULTHERAPY, MESOLIFT, CARBOXYTHERAPY and HYDRAFACIAL treatments most suitable for the individual can be used.

The treatment of this region should be evaluated along with breast lift treatments and the treatment of wrinkles between the breasts because of being adjacent to the chest region.

Unwanted Tattoos

It is possible to quickly and safely remove unwanted tattoos in any color from this region with PICOSIL.