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ULTHERAPY means that it produces lifting and tightening effect on the skin. With non-surgical facelift method ULTHERAPY, it is possible to prevent the damage caused by time and gravity on our skin. It is the first and only technology in the world with the ability to visualize under the skin during the treatment. This feature allows the procedure to be performed in the correct depth. It also does not allow the user to make mistake.

As in other ultrasound procedures, the application tip is placed on the skin to be able to plan the workspace by the expert to perform the study, so your cutaneous and subcutaneous tissue is visualized on the display-unit of the ulthera device. Then, with the same application tip, the skin is provided to benefit from the thermal damage foci focused under 4.5 mm and 3 mm of the skin in a positive way. The skin surface is not destroyed during this procedure. By the energy reaching to the skin, stimulation increases and new collagen formation is ensured on the skin. By producing a perfect tightening effect, a natural facelift effect arises over time.


ULTHERAPY is the only skin regeneration method using focus ultrasound technology. Thanks to its reliable technology, it is possible to achieve effective and satisfactory results in the skin in a single session. Ultrasound energy has been in use for more than 50 years in medicine and has been proven to have no side effects in clinical trials. After the procedure, the regeneration process starts on the skin. However, attaining the expected result takes 3-6 months.

Everyone who feels their skin to be loose and sagging is an eligible candidate for ULTHERAPY. Especially those with a low brow structure, those with wrinkles around the eyes, briefly a mature skin, everyone who began to have aging signs and who does not yet feel ready for a surgical intervention can benefit from this procedure.