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THERMISMOOTH is performed with a subcutaneous probe that allows us to directly reach the desired point on the target tissue. This probe heats the target tissue directly to the desired tightening heat and prevents uncontrolled burn with instantaneous heat control. A thermal camera that simultaneously monitors the treatment area also controls the skin temperature, preventing undesired heat increases in the skin. It is an FDA-approved system, the success of which has been proven by scientific publications.

THERMISMOOTH is a procedure performed to revitalize the tired face, to reduce fine wrinkles, and to increase the skin tone. The method that provides cellular regeneration and strengthening in the skin also has a refreshing massage feature. It provides tightening in the treatment area, especially in the upper eyelid area where the skin is thin. The operating principle of the system is based on triggering the biological events that tighten the tissue by heating up to certain temperatures with RADIOFREQUENCY. The temperatures to be reached depending on the purpose vary and the system controls the temperature to ensure 100% safe use.

  • It does not require general or local anesthesia, is performed comfortably and painlessly under sterile conditions.
  • There is no recovery period after the procedure.