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SALMON DNA, which is one of the effective anti-aging methods and obtained from salmon milk, retains 10 thousand times more water than its volume, provides moisture balance of the skin so the skin renews itself. As the skin ages, the blood circulation of the tissues and the oxygenation of the cells decrease. Therefore, it becomes difficult to remove the free radicals that damage the cells from the environment. DNA is impaired by the effect of aging. The DNA molecule obtained from pure hyaluronic acid and salmon milk provides cell regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin.

Free radicals are removed, collagen production is promoted, the formation of capillary blood vessels is greatly induced. In addition, protection against damage caused by UV radiation is also provided. It is also used to increase the elasticity of the skin and to prevent deep wrinkles at the beginning of sagging. It medically treats wrinkles. It eliminates crow’s feet (fine wrinkles around the eye) in the thin and dry skin, under-eye bags and wrinkles on the lip corners. SALMON DNA along with materials that increase microcirculation and oxygenation are injected under the skin with the help of very fine needles.