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Facial beauty is the harmonization of factors such as proportion, symmetry. The idea of determining the “beauty” with a mathematical calculation dates back to aesthetic concept of Greek Philosophy. The proportion has a significant meaning in this aspect. Golden Proportion is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the two quantities. The other formal qualification is symmetry depending on proportion. In symmetry, parts of unity are in harmony.  There are the most-encountered terms as golden ratio or ideal facial proportions. The space occupied by brows, eyes, nose, mouth, jaw, facial oval, the proportion among them, and their locations is very important. In that case, the beauty concept is now a mathematical and engineering issue…

Aging means the wear and change of what we have. Facial volume decreasing or changing due to weight, changing fat tissue, loosening and sagging prevent us to have the look we want. When it is necessary to correct the harmony on our face or to make it younger or closer to ideal, SIMON FILLING is applied to meet our expectations.

SIMON FILLING is a comprehensive approach. With SIMON FEELING, we aim to complete what is missing with ideal proportions. We experience loss in a different amount at different times with supporting tissue and fat available in and shaping our cheeks, under-eye, jaw corners, nose, even lips. Parts on our face should be adjusted according to golden ratio with special and millimeter measurements.

Even though only lip or under-eye filling make a difference, when whole of our face is not evaluated, general appearance does not satisfy us. In other words, it looks weird when it is 40-year-old around eye, 50-year-old cheeks, and 20-year old lips. Therefore, we can perform application so that general appearance looks young and healthy with SIMON FILLING.

SIMON FILLING is not just a comprehensive approach to the face and calculations. Also, it is required to select a necessary filler with strong or soft characteristics. Moreover, it offers 4 different FDA-approved content which can be used for 2 years instead of 6 – 12 months.

SIMON FILLING is a treatment that is planned according to filling characteristics and needing for the whole of the face and can be used for a long time. It rejuvenates whole of the image and is a durable treatment option…