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SCULPTRA (Collagen Stimulator)

With SCULPTRA, a more natural, younger, healthier appearance is possible. PLLA microparticles in SCULPTRA are gradually broken down, resulting in collagen production. SCULPTRA or New Fill is a new injectable wrinkle treatment. It is suitable for the correction of tissue loss-, wound or volume loss-related skin depressions, wrinkles and folds, and marks of facial fat loss to a large extent. It is a substance forming the basic structure of Poly-L-lactic acid. Unlike other FILLER materials, SCULPTRA helps to regain facial volume loss while providing collagen production with its own stimulus, thus a FILLER and young looking face are obtained. Clinical studies have shown that the results obtained with SCULPTRA treatment can last for 2 years or longer.

SCULPTRA provides a gradual increase in the volume of areas with adipose tissue loss and helps correct aging signs in the face with collagen production it promotes.