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SCULPSURE (non-surgical laser lipolysis)

SCULPSURE is the world’s first and only FDA-approved “non-surgical laser lipolysis” body contouring LASER technology that can be used in all body and skin types. After the procedure, the fat cells broken down are eliminated from the body by the body’s natural system. SCULPSURE shapes your body like a sculptor.

With SCULPSURE, it is possible to get rid of persistent fat deposits in the body only in 25 minutes with an extremely practical method without the need for surgery. It is preferable since it is much more affordable than surgery, does not require any healing process (the patient can immediately return to daily routine), and is a painless, comfortable and extremely safe procedure.

Problems that arise after surgical laser lipolysis such as bruise do not occur. Again, it is not necessary to wear a corset which is required to be used for a minimum of 3 weeks after surgical laser lipolysis. It is the most preferred latest technology in body contouring with a patient satisfaction rate of 90%. No side effect occur during and after the procedure, as no pain is felt, no local or general anesthesia is administered. It has a compact cooling system for patient comfort.

SCULPSURE can be performed on women and men of all age groups, in the whole body and skin types in every season. A single session is sufficient, and rarely, a second or third session at 1-1.5-month intervals may be required in cases of high persistent fat rate. Six weeks after the procedure, a rapid change is observed, clothes get looser, the optimum result arises 12 weeks later.