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Hair Mesotherapy

MESOTHERAPY is a treatment method carried out on the middle layer of the skin. Hair MESOTHERAPY is the injection of vitamins, minerals, proteins etc. required by the hair into the scalp using very fine needles. Hair MESOTHERAPY is based on the direct delivery of vitamins, antioxidants and blood circulation enhancers into the hair follicles by means of 2 or 4 mm special needles and an injector. MESOTHERAPY is an adjunct method for improving and controlling hair loss. The results are satisfactory and permanent. MESOTHERAPY is a medical technique that gives beneficial products directly to the surroundings of relevant tissues. Injections at small doses are administered into the skin. This injection administered into the dermis stimulates the cellular metabolism and forms a suitable basis for tissue rejuvenation. Thus, the individual’s own existing hair gets a healthier appearance. After 6 to 10 sessions, hair loss stops. Hair MESOTHERAPY can be successfully used for both men and women. Hair loss benefited from MESOTHERAPY includes stress-related, seasonal, metabolic hair loss and sudden hair loss after pregnancy. In cases of hormonal and genetic hair loss, this method can be preferred as a supportive treatment.