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PRP treatment (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a medical procedure in which white blood cells and platelets are separated through a micron filter, allowing the use of obtained parts. The pure part used in this process is obtained from the individual’s own blood. Therefore, PRP, which is a completely natural method, accelerates the natural tissue healing process. The general purpose is to improve the skin and to permanently reconstruct wrinkles and cavities. After some amount of blood taken from the individual is subjected to a number of processes, the dense portion of the separated platelets is injected into the skin using a small needle. For anti-aging purposes, photoaging, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, scar-burn scars, disrupted facial contour due to loss of collagen and elastin and wrinkles are treated with this method. Since it is a safe and rapid method, it can be used either alone or in combination with other procedures. The number of sessions carried out successively, which was determined according to the need, and the subsequent interval sessions again determined according to the need of the skin are arranged by the physician.

  • Anti-Aging Skin Treatments: It provides the recovery of loose and sagging tissues and removal of wrinkles. For this purpose, it may be included in a program combined with other treatments.
  • Stretch Mark Treatments: With its tissue repairing effect and activation on the decomposed tissues in the stretch marks, it helps the treatment by inducing new connective tissue formation. The treatment of stretch marks is always carried out with the use of several systems. Ability to combine it with other methods produces better results.
  • Spot Treatments: It is a very effective treatment since the damage of the skin tissue is repaired in the treatment of spots that especially developed for defensive purposes on the skin damaged by the sun.
  • Acne and Wound Scars: In the treatment of acne and wound scars, it would be better to use PRP in combination with other methods. Once the scars are consulted by the physician, the most appropriate and accurate combined treatment is planned and carried out.
  • Hair Loss: With PRP treatment, weak hair follicles are re-activated, producing more vivid, shiny and strong hair, and hair loss return to normal limits.