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PICOSIL (Picosure)


The problem subjected to a much higher impact thanks to laser energy with durations of picoseconds delivered to tattoo and skin spots can be separated into small pieces with a method called “photomechanical effect. The paint in the tattoo, the melanin that forms the spot, is separated into small pieces. This induces the defense cells to swallow them, allowing us to get rid of spots and tattoos faster and in fewer sessions. Thanks to the light that can reach picosecond speed, it is now possible to eliminate problems in fewer sessions and without damaging the skin by using Alexandrite wavelength most effective on tattoo and spots. Moreover, since this wavelength is effective on blue and green paints, it takes approximately 3-4 sessions to remove tattoos in any color with its KTP tip, and again, without damaging the skin.

Thanks to “Focus Lens Technology”, a few-millimeter light like honeycomb is separated into multiple pieces and can solve your problems without damaging the skin and pain and need for a time to heal. When PICOSIL delivers the energy, it separates the energy into very small pieces and reduces it, allowing you to get the most effective results in fewer sessions.

  • Freckles
  • All spots, including postnatal spots
  • Removal of tattoo in any color
  • Acne scars
  • Fine wrinkles and skin rejuvenation