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The Icon Laser System is a breakthrough system that offers a comprehensive area of use from skin rejuvenation to wrinkle treatment, surgical, burn and acne scar, stretch mark treatments, spot and vascular treatments in all skin types with multiple features combined in one device.

The Icon Laser System creates controlled heat damage in both the lower and upper layers of the skin. Thanks to its non-peeling feature, it produces a controlled micro-damage by delivering energy to the skin’s lower layers without causing any trauma on the skin surface. While spots and skin tone irregularities are treated on the skin surface, the collagen production is induced in the lower layer of the skin, providing skin rejuvenation and regeneration. At the same time, the skin’s self-renewal system is induced, resulting in a smoother, brighter, healthier skin.

Since it does not have a peeling feature, this laser system with low risk of side effects and high therapeutic effect has FDA approval in all areas of use. It is the only device with FDA approval in stretch marks. The MaxG IPL tip in the system is an excellent component which is effective on signs of aging skin as well as used in the treatment of all kinds of spots and vascular lesions.