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LED Light Therapy (Omnilux)

One of the developments, which comes to the forefront among anti-aging procedures for slowing down skin aging in recent years, is Omnilux, a procedure based on LED (Light Emitting Diodes) technology. Omnilux, a painless procedure that fights against the various problems of the skin, has three different types that can be used for various purposes;


It is especially one of the methods used in the treatment of acne. In the summer, the effect of the sun decreases the formation of acne, but the skin aging occurs due to ultraviolet rays. For this reason, you can achieve a healthier, younger and bright skin with Omnilux Blue which prevents the formation of acne as well as does not include ultraviolet ray. Omnilux Blue rays, which do not have any side effects, provide the improvement of acne symptoms by eliminating the bacteria that cause acne formation.


This light fights against the aging process by activating the cellular mechanisms responsible for the repair and regeneration of the body’s supportive tissue, and helps increase the blood circulation of the skin. Omnilux Revive is especially suitable for dull, tired and dark skins affected by environmental factors. Collagen production is supported in these skins. Omnilux Revive is used for skin rejuvenation, as well as psoriasis, vitiligo and some types of skin cancers. During the treatment, only pleasant warmth is felt in the entire skin area affected by the light.


It is used for skin regeneration and wound healing. The studies conducted show that Omnilux Plus is effective in numerous conditions such as joint and muscle pain, arthritis, muscle spasms and provision of local blood circulation. Omnilux Revive provides positive changes on the skin surface, reduces fine lines and helps regain a brighter skin after 9-12 weeks.