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SCARLETT S (Gold Frequency)

A fractional microneedle technology, GOLD FREQUENCY, is a method that can simultaneously treat the problems in the epidermis and dermis. GOLD FREQUENCY (Scarlet S), which produces perfect results by providing total care to the skin, is a procedure with high patient satisfaction as a non-surgical rejuvenation technology.

Fractional micro-needle technology, GOLD FREQUENCY (Scarlet S), is able to perform multiple procedures with its special 3-dimensional tips over the skin which could not be previously achieved by other methods.

With energy points up to 50 thousand provided by special tips during the session, rapid, effective and good results are obtained without the need for a recovery period after the procedure. Depending on the extent of the problem, 2-3 sessions can be performed. It is appropriate for all age groups. No side effects, no bruising or bleeding occurs, no needle scar is left. It is a quite comfortable technology.

  • Total Skin Rejuvenation (skin renewal, skin revitalization)
  • Lifting (facelift)
  • Loss of elasticity treatment (skin tightening)
  • Highlighting facial and jawlines
  • Neck contouring
  • Treatment of fine wrinkles
  • Scar treatment (acne scars, keloid, etc.)
  • Enlarged pore treatment
  • Adjusting the skin tone
  • Sebum balancing
  • Pigmented lesion treatment
  • Treatment of stretch marks
  • Hyperhidrosis treatment