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Eyebrows are one of the most important lines that reflect the youth and charm on our faces. Treatments administered with small touches in this area create big changes in achieving a healthy, young and attractive appearance.

Thinning Eyebrows or Eyebrow Hair Loss

As is mentioned in the treatment of scalp in FOREHEAD region, it is necessary to develop supportive treatments with PRP and MESOTHERAPY to be performed on the eyebrows. Permanent make-up and eyebrow hair transplant may be required depending on the individual’s preference.

Eyebrow Design

The eyebrow shape of people may change depending on the alterations in the balance of muscle strength around the eyes over time. This may cause changes showing the individual upset, old or tired. BOTOX, THERMISMOOTH and NOTOX treatments will be a very easy and rapid solution in these patients.

Permanent makeup and eyebrow hair transplant will be the solution to correct the negative table due to the loss or disappearance of eyebrows.

Previous or permanent make-up fails are also a great problem in this area. With PICOSIL, it is possible to get rid of previous and unwanted make-up quickly and completely.

Brow Lift

After a good analysis of the patient for a brow lift, it is possible to get rid of droopy brows causing the patient to appear old and angry with ULTHERAPY, GOLD FREQUENCY, BOTOX and FILLER, and for those who do not prefer BOTOX, with NOTOX treatment.


Sometimes, one of the eyebrows may be congenitally or later be elevated and dropped (especially after eyelid surgeries), or their shapes may be different. This problem can be treated with BOTOX, FILLER, THERMISMOOTH and NOTOX and permanent make-up.