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It is a treatment method that stimulates the neuromuscular system. In the platform developed based on this system, vibration is carried out. Thanks to the vibration carried out, the metabolism is accelerated and fat burning is achieved, resulting in the reduced subcutaneous fat layer. During the operation, the muscles contract 35 to 50 times per second, leading to pump blood to even the smallest capillaries at this frequency. This increase in blood flow allows the wastes in the blood to leave the body quickly so the cells are renewed.

It also helps soothe tense spots and spasms, and remove edema and lactic acid accumulated in the muscles after fatigue from the body. Mechanical vibration waves are very effective in physiotherapy, cellulitis treatment, subcutaneous tissue mobilization and body contouring.

VIBROTERAPY can be combined with regional slimming and weight-loss procedures. Because the periods are important in the vibration and require continuity, it is necessary to follow the sessions regularly.