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For healthy skin, it is essential that the skin is nourished, repaired and protected from damage. HYDRAFACIAL is an anti-aging care system developed to meet the needs of healthier skin and all skin types. This system combined with dermabrasion method, deep cleansing, nourishment, moisturizing, regeneration, peeling, antioxidant protection and acne treatment is used all over the world. HYDRAFACIAL, using a special technology called Vortex, removes dead cells, black spots, excessive oil from the skin and peels the skin at the micro-level with its vacuum spray tip. It also pumps hyaluronic acid, peptides and antioxidant solutions through the skin to make it look lively, bright and youthful.

In therapeutic procedures, 4-6 sessions at 1-week intervals are an ideal cure. It is recommended to be repeated once a month for the preservation of the result. For healthier and more vivid skin, a deep cleaning is recommended once a month for care.

  • HYDRAFACIAL is an FDA-approved, highly safe, comfortable, painless and practical method that can simultaneously respond to the treatment of different problems in the skin.
  • It is preferred since it treats the skin problems and does not irritate the skin while cleaning, moisturizing and nourishing the skin.
  • Just like every year, the “Best Skin Renewal Device” award was given to the HYDRAFACIAL system in 2015.
  • No side effects occur during and after HYDRAFACIAL procedure. It is an FDA-approved highly safe system.

HYDRAFACIAL can be performed on women and men of all age groups and in all skin types, including the most sensitive skins, in every session.